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Corrective Chiropractic

An essential part of what chiropractors do is work on the spine that protects your central nervous system. Your central nervous system happens to be the most important part of your body and is protected by your spine. The brain is effectively the first organ to develop while in the mother’s womb. Our brain is the main command center for the rest of our body, and uses our spinal cord and nerves from the beginning to create every cell and organ.

From development onto death, this command center is in charge of the flow of “power” along the spine and through the nervous system, controlling all function and healing within the body. Therefore, attaining overall health and wellness is directly associated to maximizing your nerve supply. The intricacy of the nervous system is so powerful and subtle that it is able to control millions of cells inside dozens of operating systems all at once.

Your spine provides protection and support to your central nervous system. Keeping the spine aligned in its normal position helps provide full body wellness in addition to limiting or eliminating certain types of ongoing pain.

Benefits of Spinal Correction

Our doctors at Elite Wellness Chiropractic in Bee Cave are trained in cutting edge spinal correction techniques. In order to maximize nerve supply, it requires spinal correction. Our health depends most on the stability and performance of our central nervous system. Thinking of this significant and intricate system intertwined within our body as a power supply of life, you are able to visibly see the significance of keeping our spinal cord and nerves in optimal shape.

Like braces for your teeth, corrective chiropractic care focuses on correcting the spine back to its normal structural alignment. Corrective care at Elite Wellness Chiropractic utilizes specific exercises to prepare the ligaments, tendons, disc and muscles for an adjustment, specific chiropractic adjustments and weighted spinal therapy to restore the spine back towards its normal structural alignment, which in turn will also result in better posture, reduction of pain, reduced muscle tension, improved balance, inhibition of early degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease and a noticeable improvement in optimal nervous system function and overall performance.

The frequency and duration of care is determined by the severity of the damage caused by Subluxation (Abnormal positioning of your spine) and any other extenuating circumstances that impact your ability to heal. The duration of care and frequency of adjustments are essential to changing the structural alignment in your spine. What once took years to correct can now take as little as a few months and potentially weeks. This not only speeds up your recovery, but saves you time and money on care—now and FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Our patients see their attitude and performance at school, sports, and work, radically improve. In time, you and your family will likely get sick less, have more energy, and simply thrive on another level! You will begin seeing your medical doctor less and less and you will drastically reduce the amount of prescription and over the counter medications you are consuming. What is the value of that? This can save you tens, and in the case of avoiding surgeries and disease, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Welcome to Elite Wellness Chiropractic that “IS” Health Care!

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Why Should I Choose Elite Wellness?

Located in the heart of Bee Cave, the leading health professionals at Elite Wellness Chiropractic are fully dedicated to helping their patients achieve their health objectives — combining expertise and skill that spans the entire spectrum of chiropractic wellness. Dr. Mikala and her team, are committed to helping you achieve greater health and a better way of life through teaching and practicing the proven principles of chiropractic and wellness care.

Patients seeking treatment at Elite Wellness Chiropractic in Bee Cave receive only the finest quality chiropractic care, Dr. Mikala and her staff really mean that. Through the use of modern technology, equipment and advanced techniques. Dr. Mikala and her staff are genuinely concerned for your well-being!

Medicine and quick fixes promote sick care, when what you really need is real Chiropractic therapy that fully takes care of the problem not just the symptoms. Once you get your health back we help you keep it with preventative care specific to you can go on living a pain free life with a reduced chance of repeating injuries.

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